One of the "surprises" the Lord had in store for me was a speaking ministry. I come from a long line of pastors, missionaries, and Bible teachers on both sides of the family, and I am both naturally and spiritually gifted with teaching. Still, I never saw myself anywhere else but in an elementary classroom or teaching Sunday school or children's Bible clubs. But for the past twenty years, the Lord has opened up opportunities to speak and/or teach at schools, conferences, retreats, women’s ministry meetings, and other venues. I'm a trained Precept Ministries leader and have experience leading other types of Bible studies as well.

And I love it.

As a result, I've developed several topics that I've listed below. But if these don't fit your needs, I’m open to developing new content.

Please check with me for availability, using the contact us button at the top of the page.

For Writers:

Confusing Commas and Other Puzzling Punctuation (fiction and nonfiction)

Have you given up trying to manuscript’s topic and understand the rules . . . and the exceptions? A hands-on workshop to equip you to self-edit your work.

Self-Editing Savvy (fiction or nonfiction)
A discussion about why we need to self-edit and an overview of what to look for when editing, fiction or nonfiction.

Self-Editing for the Grammatically Challenged (fiction or nonfiction)
A two-hour talk that can be broken down into more manageable two one-hour discussions: 1) punctuation; 2) usage and punctuation.

Top Editing Tips (fiction)
Covers learning to recognize and fix problems with plot/structure, character arcs, POV, show vs. tell, GMCs, and grammar dos and don’ts.

Weaving in a Biblical Worldview without "Preaching" (fiction)
How to include a spiritual thread without beating the reader over the head. Includes a discussion of how to write from a biblical worldview to a cross-over audience.

For Women:
Calming the Storm Within
Ideal for a retreat setting with possible breakout sessions or choose a single topic for a ladies’ meeting.

Topics include:
• The Many Faces of Depression and Anxiety
• God-Thinking vs. Woman-Thinking
• Knowing God, Our Ultimate Healer
• Created in His Image/Free to Be Me
• The Battle for the Mind

Prepared to Give an Answer (1 Peter 3:15)
Can be geared to writers or women in general; ideal for in-depth teaching (4–6 hours of teaching/journaling) or a one-hour overview.

Topics include:
• The Soil
• The Seed
• The Servant
• The Substructure (Foundation)