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Calming the Storm Within: God's Peace for Depression and Anxiety
by Marjorie Vawter

Do you feel empty and overwhelmed?
Experience quick mood changes?
Wish everyone would leave you alone?
Does God feel far away, unreachable?

Calming the Storm Within will equip you, no matter your age or walk in life, to deal with depression and anxiety in a positive light. This treasured book brims with relatable personal stories, insight, and helpful information:
*Spotlights the causes of depression and anxiety and current treatments by profiling biblical and present-day examples.
*Provides practical suggestions from the Bible about how to change thinking about God, yourself, and the enemy.
*Encourages active, steady progress in gaining victory over depression and anxiety by focusing on the biblical principles of expectations, faith, forgiveness, trials, and rejoicing.

In addition, Lifelines at the end of each chapter include: practical application steps, journal tips, verse/memory suggestions.
Perfect for individual or group use, Calming the Storm Within is a life-changer.


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