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A Place of Refuge
by Marjorie Vawter, Ralph Vogel & more

A cabin constructed by Scottish immigrants in the mid-1870s becomes a place of rest, restoration, and refuge for weary travelers over the decades. Enjoy seven stories featuring one log cabin in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming, and find your place of refuge, as well. UNDER HIS WINGS by Marjorie Vawter A young Scottish couple have to drop out of their wagon train to Oregon Territory. Is God destroying their dreams of a new life in America? THE CALLING by Ralph Vogel Can an uneducated man running from God’s tug on his heart and a Boston artist from high society find their common ground? A SHADOW IN THE DAYTIME by Constance Shilling Stevens Will a WW1 veteran with a wounded heart and a war widow struggling to help her family come to terms with their grief within the embrace of God’s solace? CHOSEN by Darlene Wells Stranded together during a snowstorm, a penniless former bootlegger in need of a fresh start and the town “rich girl” learn God works in mysterious ways. TOMORROW’S PROMISE by Jalana Franklin When a young woman finds herself alone in the world, can she trust God to help her find love and acceptance? MY BEST SHOT by Eileen Key Place a lively photographer with an actor trying to escape the glare of Hollywood in a remote cabin. What will develop? MY DWELLING PLACE by K. Marie Libel Desperate and afraid, pregnant Autumn Brady escapes her abusive home and seeks safety in Wyoming. Will Micah Hodge’s cabin be a place of healing . . . and even new beginnings?


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